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The UNO chapter of Habitat for Humanity met for a work day Saturday, October 30 to help build several houses at an Omaha work site. Several students showed up for the event and helped with multiple projects on one of the site houses.

Volunteers started their day at the Habitat for Humanity of Omaha building and then proceeded to the work site. Many students carpooled due to limited parking space at the build site.

Other work groups were present at the site throughout the morning, including some volunteers from Americorps. UNO students mainly assisted with one house that was assigned to the group. Leaders knowledgeable in specific trades helped work groups accomplish their tasks in a professional manner.

The UNO chapter of Habitat for Humanity was created several months ago by students at the university. The students hope to create a large Habitat event during this upcoming spring break.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha's front door displays the organization's address and logo. Students parked along the side of the building before carpooling to work sites.

Morgan Miller, a UNO student, looks up at her peers as they climb down the side of a house. Some students worked on a porch on the front of the house while others worked on the back.

Matt Clark and Anna Berlett stand on scaffolding outside of the project house. Students worked on ladders and scaffolding throughout the day.

Mark Vargas reaches up to adjust some siding. Students working on the back of the house were fitting siding along the side of the structure.

Ryan Santin discusses what to do next while looking at the situation. Students at the front of the house attempted to affix siding to the top of the porch area.

Framework stands idle while volunteers work on the outside of the house. Different parts of the structure were tackled at different times by different groups.

One of many tools used by the volunteers demonstrates the different jobs available to students. Volunteers used many simple tools to collectively create something valuable.

Matt Clark measures siding to fit on the back side of the house. Volunteers largely worked independently on the project.

Nails wait for another chance to be of service. Volunteers were instructed on the proper use of certain tools at the site.

Caroline Gillan nails siding to the project house. Students were still deciding on the best way to tackle the porch area.

Ryan Santin and Morgan Miller line up siding before cutting measured segments. Melissa White, another student volunteer, said many volunteers learned about UNO Habitat for Humanity through another event, Three Days of Service.

Mark Vargas and Allen Dugan bend materials to help attach siding to the house. Students had to be creative with some of the house's angles.

Matt Clark tries out the new angled segment while on top of an extended ladder. Students had to exercise caution while climbing around the work site.

Allen Dugan and Matt Clark continue to adjust the angled piece. Teamwork was key throughout the project.

Ryan Santin and Morgan Miller talk with one of the site managers. Students always had someone to ask if they needed any assistance on the job.

A damaged sign guards the front of the project. The scaffolding in the background allowed volunteers to move freely about the area.

The doors stand open to allow air circulation throughout the unit. Volunteers from other groups helped with the inside of the structure.

Matt Clark, Allen Dugan and Anna Berlett work on a lower section of siding. Passerby had to be wary if navigating the side of the house.

Volunteers work on various parts of the house while a truck sits in the future entrance. Parking was tight around the project houses.

Americorps volunteers leave the site. Different groups assisted with different houses in the area.

Those interested in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Omaha should check out this Web site:

All photos taken and processed by Mitchell Warren.